high level safety standards

P.Sekhon Trucking Ltd., its employees, and hired subcontractors recognize the importance of operating with high level of safety standards at all times to ensure the safety of our employees, the general public, facilities, properties and third parties. We strive to achieve excellence in health and safety performances through the support and participation of all our employees.

We are enrolled in BC Construction Safety Alliance COR Safety Program, a voluntary incentive program, which help us maintain, develop, and implement health, safety, and injury management systems. This program allows a third party to audit our performance and safety which is measured and reported to WorkSafeBC for outstanding performance.

safety meetings

  • Bi-weekly safety meetings are held with the safety control officer, who educates and promotes safety on our sites.
  • We reject the idea that workplace accidents are unavoidable. Our management has a responsibility to do its utmost to ensure the physical integrity and the health of everyone on our worksites and the facilities in which we operate. We are committed to the zero accidents objective.

Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)

Sekhon Trucking Ltd. provides and maintains personal protective equipment as required by law and WCB regulations.

  1. Proper hearing protection that meets WCB standards.
  2. Eye protection including safety glasses.
  3. CSA approved steel toe footwear.
  4. CSA approved hard hat.
  5. High visibility safety vest.

All trucks are equipped with first aid kits, spill kits, fire extinguishers, and cell phones to contact 911 emergencies.

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