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There’s a lot more to large scale excavation projects than simply digging the right sized hole. When you need a site excavated on time and on budget, trust the reliable team at Rocman Contracting. Thanks to our many years of experience handling all sorts of excavation tasks throughout the Greater Vancouver area, Rocman Contracting is ready to provide the very best in terms of service and satisfaction to all of our clients. We have the necessary equipment and experienced staff to tackle virtually any excavation or earthwork project you have for us.

Quality Excavation Services

When it comes to moving earth safely and efficiently in preparation for large scale construction projects, Rocman Contracting is a name you can trust to get the job done right. We are fully aware of the impact early project tasks like excavation and earthwork can have on the overall progress of a major construction job, and with that in mind we come prepared to handle any and all challenges that may be encountered during excavation. Our quality equipment and experience allow us to handle even the most unexpected setbacks while excavating and clearing a site. That way, projects stay on schedule, despite any initial difficulties. Rocman Contracting is ready to handle whatever excavation tasks you require, including but not limited to:

  • Bulk Excavation
  • General Excavation
  • Landfill Closure/Prep
  • Land Clearing/Detailed Earthwork
  • Residential and Commercial Developments

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